Updating your comp to run illutia on w10 Fixed

In an attempt to help people get back into the game but can't due to them having windows 10 or a non working OS for the game. I am offering to make the game workable for you via VirtualBox. It takes about an hour to set up(Not including download times, downloading the copy of windows 7 can take anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on your net speed). and if you would like me to set it up for you, team viewer is needed as well. I'm running windows 10 running this setup and It works just like windows 7.
Kudos to caleb maynard for teaching and posting links on an earlier post.
If you would like help on this please feel free to message me on facebook, Daniel Ward I am on the facebook for illutia where this is posted as well as the links to w7 copy and virtual box.


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