really laggy.

hey guys! i was looking to get back into illutia, since i was really into it back in the day. i couldn't talk about my old characters if i wanted to, because i honestly have no idea what they were. i played them in elementary school, and all, which was roughly ten years ago.

anyway, i hear a lot of complaints to do with running the game on windows 10, those from my girlfriend's sister included, but none that are like mine. i don't experience crashes of any kind. it just runs EXTREMELY slowly. getting through the tutorial took a good deal longer than i assume it would have otherwise, and while i'm really enthusiastic about playing again, i'm not so enthusiastic that i'm willing to suffer a bunch of unnecessary setbacks on account of my inability to have my character swing their stick and travel across the map at the speed they should be able to. does anybody know if there's a fix for this, or am i just going to have to wait it out until there's some sort of patch?? thanks so much for reading in advance!


  • Look into Virtual Machine, windows 7 download. You can run windows 10 and have windows 7 on the virtual machine to make it run perfectly.
  • i'll do just that when i get home tonight! and i'll let you know how it goes, too. thank you so much for the suggestion. <3
  • it doesn't seem like downloading a windows 7 iso is something i can do legally, so i'm going to need another solution.
  • just use utorrent lol
  • again, thank you for taking the time to make your initial suggestion, but i read into it and i'm really not comfortable with it.
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