Pathetic question.... dont hate

its been a few years since Ive played this and would love to get back into it, Ive gotten a new character and all and I know I want to make him a warrior, but I forget how to go about doing that lol, even worse is I cant seem to get past the room after the island with all of the pigs im stuck here and dying of frustration! WHAT DO I DO? Lol sorry it's a sad question I know but I dont recall it being so hard to get to the regular game haha. Thanks!


  • please anyone i really wanna play
  • Hi there, talk to the quest NPCs on the island. Kill three pigs for the last quest NPC, and they'll teleport you to the starsssss. Once you read and do more quests you'll eventually be told to pick a class in the starry realm place.
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