"Character does not exist" ????

So I tried to login to the game this morning, and it's telling me "Character does not exist" however that's not the case. My account on the illutia website is showing all of my characters but it won't let me login to the game. I was just online yesterday, and now today I can't login? What is going on? Does anyone else have this problem right now? Can someone please help me?


  • I'm havin that problem too
  • Okayyy so it's not just me then. I guess there's a problem client-side?
  • Ditto, tried it just because I saw this post.
  • Yeah the website's still got a record of all my characters, but I can't log in either.
  • YAY! I can finallyyyy login, 4 hours later. Better late than never i suppose. Hopefully you guys can get online now too. Dunno what that was all about
  • There was an emergency server maintenance while all staff were asleep that caused disconnect between servers, sorry about that.
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