Long time. Checking in!

Are these new forums or have I just forgotten my info for it?
Anyways I haven't been on in well over a year, since my laptop died and new job and getting married has kept me busy. I just wanted to check in and see if and folks are still around from a while back! -Love HP


  • Well it was nice chatting with everyone!
  • 1. King of Games Dynoman The King of Kings.
    2. Job?Married?Laptop? All these have no place in Illutia.
    3. King Of Games Dynoman The King Of Kings.
  • HP_HP_
    edited December 2015
    What if my job is being married to my laptop?
  • We'll allow it.
  • I'm not saying I'd have a nice conversation with it or anything... But......
  • Hahaha! When Illutia first came out some guy was training with me in the zoo, and I didn't realize that was the profanity filter's replacement. Confusing conversation for sure. I thought he was just being friendly.
  • Some of the filters are pretty funny.
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