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Illutia Info

Hi guys, I started to go through the available old forum posts and document them for posterity. So far I haven't found any user guides that were posted on the old forums. If you were the author of, or have a copy of, any of these user guides please send them to me or post them on the Wiki.

Shivers: I used the colors from the main website and locked your FAQ quotes from being edited (except by the Illutia Info Wiki admin (so far, me)). Please let me know if this isn't okay, and I will take any of it down.

I'll keep searching the archives, but feel free to add to the information database.



  • Hi Beth. Remember me? :-)
  • Hey dude how are you? I'm glad I can still talk to you guys 10 years later
  • Pretty good, you? If all goes well going to start playing again soon. From what I hear game isnt doing to good. Hopefully it can get back to how it was
  • LaVache, Your Kosed
  • That's good! I'm doing alright. The game has some people on it now for the holiday season, but it's got some compatibility issues with Windows 8 and 10. I'll look forward to seeing you online again!
  • Whos dynoman? Never heard of him
  • That is why you are Kosed.
  • Been kosed by better than you :-)
  • You are proud of that? Kosed again.
  • Ya. They didnt stop me so you have no chance of doing it. I dont worry bout bum players :-)
  • Stop....You...? From What? Your nothing lol. I honestly have no clue who you are.
  • Ha. And you are? Forum warrior is all u are
  • King Of Games Dynoman The King of Kings. The Best Player to ever Log on this game. My Legacy exceeds anything you could ever become. (Eternal)
  • Well if I knew that I wouldn't dare go up against you. Lmfao too funny, I crack myself up sometimes
  • Exactly, Now Begone Rodent.
  • edited December 2015
    I am Surkin the Pumpkin Master. And I win.

    PS, I'll add into to the Wikia when I find the time. Added in Alchemy Recipes, needs some layout editing, I'll do that some other time though. Job interview today, so just took 10 mins to add in the info itself, I have the most of the other tradeskill info as well
  • Almost got Alchemy looking perfect, now for a couple hours of sleep before my interview haha.
  • Thanks Surkin, hope your interview went well!
  • The King Blesses you Surkin.
  • All went well, I'll know by the end of next week if I get the job.
    Added in farming into the Wikia, now for sleep since I have work tonight haha.
  • I added your pages to the User Guides page. We can organize things as more pages are added.
  • edited December 2015
    Added in last 4 tradeskill info. I need to add lynderyn helm/tiara to blacksmithing one, other than that they SHOULD be good, but if I missed anything feel free to add. I thought I had posted my tradeskill recipes in the forums once before, but now that I think about it, I think I only had them saved on my computer haha. My brother (DeathsDog) collected the majority of the tradeskill info I posted.

    I have a lynderyn guide that my brother made, full map and everything that I need to get off my external hhd, and I know I have some random minimaps too. I saw you added my Sloth one, I have a Punchy's Playhouse one somewhere too, had Isle of Maloha before the revamp of it, so it would be kind of useless. Might add it anyway for kicks and giggles.

    I didn't even realize Illutia had a wiki before you posted about this wiki. I'll see if I can get some information added to the normal wiki too when I have time.
  • Thanks, you da best. I thought about revamping the original, but I didn't know what the best way to do that was. I have no idea who was admin for it.
  • I've no idea who runs/updates it either, but it has so much content already, totally worth updating it.
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