A couple new player's observations

Hello, just started your game and would have to make some suggestions from a new players scope

When I started the game goes directly full screen, clicked the options and it didnt have an option for windowed, hitting F1 just minimizes it. A lot of people who try old school mmorpgs try them while having other things open like their email, guides, messengers etc so in my opinion it should default on windowed or have an easy option for it.(I did find out you can change it on the ini file however most people are simple pc users)

The tutorial has many holes, chat for example, it doesnt explain on how you talk on other channels fully(like world chat?) only a ref to guild chat and private messages. Moreover when its done you are thrown on a spot without knowing what you should do next. Sure exploration is good(its what I did next) but a newcomer at first needs some sense of direction to get the ropes. Having played a lot of games, both oldschool and new era ones can tell you new players usually are Lost or Won within their first 30 mins of gameplay experience. I tried to talk to 6 people online to ask for advice but I think they couldnt see my lines(maybe cause I dont know how to type in world chat so tried talking directly on the chatbox). Seeing as population is currently low too, it could had been good to have some internal documentation or a more detailed wiki as there arent any guides for new players in this forums(unless I missed something). The 2 quests I managed to find had somewhat a problem: they dont give you updates on chat window: eg you killed 1 of 3 cows, I didnt find a quest log(unless just tutorial didnt inform me about its existence and I dont know its keyboard key) and the floaty text is too pixelised to see clear and goes off too fast so I was basically trying to guess my progress

A final suggestion would be to try get it on steam greenlight with maybe a little polishing first, seems like a game with a lot potential and oldschool games seem to be popular on steam(RPG MO, Nestalgia, Realm of the Mad God, Aberoth, 8bitMMO to name a few and a lot on process to be getting greenlit) to increase your playerbase but you definitely need to improve new players guidance system, be it a tutorial or a series of storyline quests to guide people on elements of gameplay to get them started and hooked with it


  • /all is how you talk on world chat.
  • Thank you DYNOMAN. Would had helped if it was mentioned somewhere ingame by the way
  • /all gives unknown command error
  • Here's my list of commands I made a long time ago. There is no world chat, but "/shout MESSAGE" is the entire map you are currently on.

    Grouping Commands:

    /togglegroup - Use this command to accept group invites.

    /groupadd PLAYERNAME OR /ga - Use this command to add others into your group, the other person must use /togglegroup to join your group. Only the leader of the group can add people into the group.

    /groupremove PLAYERNAME OR /gr - Use this command to remove people form your group, only the leader can remove others from the group, but you can remove yourself from the group with this command.

    Guild Commands:

    /guildremove - Use this command to remove your self from your guild.

    / guild - Use this command to view who is online in your guild. /SPACEguild

    /guildremove NAME - Leader and Officer Command, to remove members.

    /guildmotd MESSAGE -Leader and Officer Command, to set guild MOTD.

    Player view commands:

    / who or / - View all players on current map.

    / who all or / all - View all players online on the whole server.

    / all PLAYERNAME - Check for a certain person in the whole server, you can add more then 1 name to the list, just put one space between the names.

    /me (Example: /me is having fun) What comes up in the chat screen "*Charname* is having fun."

    Other Commands:

    /vitabar - Use this to change how the vita bar is showed, Have vita bars visible always, or have vita bars be shown only when being updated, or not showed at all

    /toggleitembuffs - This command requires a game restart to take effect, using this shows all item effects in your buff box.

    /auction - Use this to list items you wish to buy or sell.

    /shout - Use to shout, everyone in the map will be able to view what you shout.

    /togglesound - Disables illutia sounds.

    /filter chat - Hides regular chat on your chat box. Tells, guild, and group still work.

    /filter guild - Hides guild chat on your chat box.

    /filter group - Hides group chat on your chat box.

    /filter tells - Hides tells on your chat box.

    /toggletells - Disables you from receiving tells.

    /togglecurse - Disables the curse filter.

    Keyboard Commands:

    , - Use this command to pick up items on the ground.

    i - Pressing this will open your inventory.

    s - Pressing this will open your spell book.

    c - Pressing this shows you your character sheet.

    p - Pressing this shows you your group status.

    F1 - Pressing this minimizes the game.

    F2 - Opens/Closes your hot bar.

    F3 - Opens/Closes your buff box.

    F4 - Opens/Closes your Chat Box.

    F5 - Opens/Closes your FPS box.

    F6 - Opens/Closes your HP/MP/EXP box.

    f10 - Opens/Closes your Party status box (same thing as "p" does)

    F11 - Opens/Closes your command bar.

    F12 - Opens/Closes your Destroy box.

    Message commands:

    /tell PLAYERNAME OR /t PLAYERNAME - Sends a certain person a message.

    /group OR /g - Talk within your current group.

    /guild - Talk within your current guild

    r - Press this to return a message to the last person who /tell you.

    t - opens /tell in your chat box.

    g - opens /guild in your chat box.
  • There is no world chat, Illutia has always been a small game, so a world chat hasn't seemed like a big deal, but now that I think about it, it is a feature that would be very nice.
  • Thank you, the list of commands will be sure helpful

    For someone who likes oldschool games it is a good game, however it does lack a bit of polishing and to be friendly and more informative to newcomers so they can get into it easier
  • World chat is done through donations, and I think it costs one or two credits to use. The command might be /megaphone. I haven't used it in years, so that could be wrong.

    I'll see if I can go back through the Internet archives and pull guides off the game's old forums.
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