Making The Game Playable.

1. Remove everyone's sold.

2. Put a Cap Limit on Sold

3. Make the Graphics of the game the older version. Graphic updates were awful.

4. Unbann all accounts.

5. Fair and Intelligent Moderators and GM's.

6. Create a PvP Ranking System with Rewards.

7. Promote.

8. Guarenteeeeeed People will Play again if all the steps are completed.

9. PS. Better training spots and Lower Xp 1-50. Grinding after a Reset was horrible.

This will make the game more about PvP with Ranks instead of Just a random hang out game
getting High sold for just bragging rights. Literally almost all Successful Online games focuses
on PvP and a Rank system.

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    1 and 2, Fully agree.
    3. nah. Some need work though.
    4. Not all, but maybe unban all small offenses.
    5. GMs need to show NO favoritism, and not give certain players free rides when they break the rules.
    6. Agree
    7. Not until issues are resolved.
    8. Opinions are opinions.
    9. Pre 50 is fine, it's resetting that is broken as all hell, and doing the same training to 50 100 times makes pre 50 worse. Resetting needs to be removed.

    With that said, I think a sold reset, and sold limit should be put in place.
    I think any exp gained should always go to your banked, and new quests to use the banked exp should be introduced.
    Spend XXX amount for upgraded items.
    Some quests guarantee an item, different quests give random chance titles/surnames.
    This idea can be greatly improved, but you get the gist of what I mean.

    When new higher sold maps come out, raise the Sold cap to the map (Or however much above it that would make it more balanced), much like most MMOs do with levels/expansions, but Illutia has always been about sold, and I think it should focus on improving on that aspect, and the uniqueness of it.
  • Well, You agree on the important points. Sold change and Ranking. <-
    I dont agree with resetting being removed, If anything a Reset should have
    a cost like Donating or a certain amount of Gold.
    Regardless tho, I would play if Sold changed and Ranking was implemented.
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  • Hell, I'm just happy someone posted something that could potentially help the game.
    Healthy discussion/disagreement is all good.

    Maybe resetting can be saved, but it needs revised. It's too unbalanced as it is right now.
    I think resetting should be a VIP feature, as in use a character service ticket to reset. I also think your sold should be instantly banked when you reach 50, forcing you to resell as that class.
  • I think the biggest thing that needs to be fixed RIGHT NOW is the game not running on Windows 8 or 10. I agree with you guys on a lot of those ideas though.
  • Yeah, I agree with that Hemelo. Illutia honestly needs a lot of work.
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    Remove 2x experience, make tutorial more newb friendly, update chatting interface&allow moving of huds prior to fixed Hud patch.

    Edit: Might as well just scrap everyone's levels and the idle characters (2+ years without a login).
  • I love the resetting feature. But Making all your sold go into banked when you hit 50 would make it better.

    1. Ehh, For some they spent 100+ hours on that sold. I think this would make dedicated players quit.

    2. Been saying the cap should be 50% higher than the most recent map, that way you can still train, but cant no life it.

    3. Everything from back then was better

    4. Not all, just small offenses(speeding, char sharing, etc, im sure they have some cc fraud bans nd stuff along those lines that i'd prefer not be unbanned)

    5. Obv a gm who has been one since beginning will get to know players, nd be friendly, cant really help that, that's just humans being human.

    6. Agreed. Rewards for time spent actively in arena, arena battles(would only work if sold was reset for everyone), pvp was some of the best times on this game, i wasnt very good, but i still had fun.

    7. Can't promote a game that does not work on newest operating system.

    8. Your opinion thus far have been correct, so i'll have to agree with you here.

    9. No one forced anyone to reset. Maybe create a map for people who are above a certain sold but reset. Say 500m sold resets get a map with tiered rooms. each room is for lvl x-x.

    scrapping anyone who hasnt logged in will prevent people from coming back.

    But none of this will matter until the game can run on windows 10.
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