How do I fix it?

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me..I just started Illutia after 8 YEARS. My game was working for like 20 minutes and then all of a sudden this box popped up saying i am out of range..and wont let me stay on the game. What do i do???


  • Something might not of registered correctly when installing, I would uninstall (Maybe copy the data/maps folders so you wont have to reupdate everything) and then reinstall, Right clicking and clicking Run as Administrator to install.

    Other than that, if you're on windows 8/10, the game has issues with those OS's last I knew, I have no idea how to fix them since I downgraded to windows 7 on my newest computer.
  • I've reinstalled it about 4 times :(
    I have windows 7. Thanks for your input.
  • Maybe there's a corrupted data/map file, I seem to remember that throwing an out of range error of some sort when that happened.

    Delete all data/map files, patch, maybe...

    That's about the last thing I can think of.
  • Out of range error happens when something tries to be rendered that doesn't have its data/has corrupt data.
    You'll need to do a full patch to get it working.
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