As a now 22 adult guy who still have strong and emotional memories from this game, back when I played it and it was still called Aspereta, and first touched it when I was 11 or 12 - something had definitely had to attract me back to this place.

...And so, here I am!

Consider this thread a simple "drop by" kind of thing. I'm still unable to play this game without feeling bored after 10 minutes, though.


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    This game had a good hook, with it's niche style. There have been copy cats/clones, but nothing has stood the test of time like the original.

    With that said, almost nothing has changed since it has been released. There are many unbalances, situations that had been handled wrong, players becoming godlike with the current selling system, and not enough fixes.

    Resetting is broken and unbalanced, the selling xp system is outdated and unbalanced.

    The best things in recent years are the raid style maps, and item titles/surnames. But adding content and not fixing the issues wont fix the game.

    Well, that's my opinions. I can barely play for 10 minutes before I'm bored as well.

    I'm 26 now, I joined aspereta just before the first big reset.

    I think Illutia could use a reset at this point...

    Aspereta I was Surkin/DragonLeader just before Illtuia was released, my brother was DeathsDog, and my father was drewmcl. Just incase people cared at all.
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    I aswell started on asp right before
    the change over. Lol surkin i remember you and your brother, farther.Your brother actuasly helped me out on aspereta few times lol. Im sure i could manage to play for more then ten minutes but its not as easy to play compared to mmorpgs on moblie device's. Where i can get on and play in a matter of seconds when i have the time. I think and its just my opinion.. You guys should really think about getting with the ages.. Maybe an app?? I think it would be great. New illutia moblie please. Its about 2016! I was there on the first day of illutia with the hundreds of players running around with burlap sacks n crummy sticks and i played on and off up in till two years ago.. Manage to become one of the top two games on the at one point. I just want to see the legacy of illutia live on. P.s. just an opinion
  • We're not giving up, we have a lot of interest in keeping the game going and bringing it up to speed. I've spent my entire adult life working on this game, which is pretty crazy to think about! Not ready to let go, I still think there's a lot to be done, and a lot more on the horizon :D
  • Ive always known youll never let the game fade away. When the times does come tho, itll be nice it see thrive and i hope all the hard work and effort youve put into this game over the years pays off for you. Ill be lurking :-}
  • I hope the game can regain its popularity, ive always enjoyed aspereta/illutia I plan on making a comeback to the game and I hope the plans you have shivers can get the game back to the times when I would log in and 100 people would be on and finding groups to train was easy and just being in tc was fun. Good luck on updating the game to bring the games popularity back
  • Game was like a Big online Family. Good times.
  • I was never big on forums, but it seems as if the game has lost all older asp players, and i indeed do miss playing this game, and i would love nothing more to see it make a come back with older players and new alike.. the way it is now is impossible to sell items for gold, group etc.. basically what the game was made for.. it's turned into a game where it is based on camping and self help.. there is no barter system in the game anymore.. i see some asp chars comming on the forums, i thought i would stop by. It'd be nice to have an event with alot of players on for old times sake.
  • I have no idea who you are
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