spice it up ;p

What if we spiced the game up and had a paladin class or a summoner class like a warlock DOT that sommoned pets class bound. Something new and really Kewl if you ask me, I think fist was kind of a failure its hard to level and once 50 you need massive massive health regen. Maybe a couple neat demo classes or skills. Another idea is upgrading classes like after you hit 50 priest you can sell and continue or have the option to reset as a paladin from priest.more damage skills with different variable healing spells as well. Just a thought me and some friends had.maybe it will help maybe not but I think a Few Kewl new things might bring more people back. :) Abyss


  • I totally agree with you Abyss. Adding some new classes would be awesome. For those of us who have played for a while, it would great to try out some new classes. Obviously, the staff is extremely busy trying to get the Windows 8 Client up and running but if you all have time in the future, we would love to have some new classes to try out!
  • I think they should add tiers for classes, like once you hit 50 and a specific sold, you can choose a branch to follow ie;

    Knave;Can go tank tree, or dps tree(tank tree revolves around dex tanking instead of ac)

    Mystic; Can go the normal dps way, or go summoner way(summons and resurrects corpses)

    Priest;can go single target healer, or aoe heals tree

    Bard;can go spell damage buffer, or melee damage buffer

    Swordy-can go tank way, or duel handed damage way

    Fist;can go melee rout, or spell rout. But fist in general needs balance and to be fixed, 59m xp required from 1-50 and it is the absolute worst class in the game, why make it so hard for no reward?
  • Demonology, affliction warlock, retribution paladin, burning crusade skill trees, fury warrior/frost Dk instead of protection warrior / blood Dk, a summoner which can summon undeads, via warlock still, world of illutiacraft confirmed? I also originate to Wow being the first since it had the mass majority of these classes during the Bc which was before other mass mmorogs were known / existed to have these classes
  • I 100% agree for extra classes since fist was a not so good class. It' attract new players seeing all these different routes or classes you can be.
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