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Hello everyone,

One thing that is true about this game is that it isn't the most friendly to new people. For the main part, you get thrown in and have to figure out what to do, what items are good, where to hunt, etc.. I saw that there is an existing Illutia Wiki here: Illutia Wiki

However as you can see it is very incomplete.

I am a web designer and what I plan on doing is making an up to date and complete (this is where you guys can hopefully help) wiki to provide both new players and veterans with a place to look for answers.

With that being said, the most annoying element of doing this will be getting the stats of all the items. I chose to start with level 50 items as they are the most relevant to most of the community. However, I am but one poor low sold player and I do not have access to all the items/nothing ever likes to drop for me.

What would be amazing is that if you good people of the community could start compiling the stats of items and a screenshot of the item details would be even more amazing and place them in the comments. As more and more information is added, I will start the basis of the wiki and have it running hopefully in a week or two. So people of Illutia, lets give it a shot and see how far we can take this.

- TheUltimate

*To Shivers or another Admin*
As you may know this game is FULL of different items and most of them are annoying/rare to acquire. I was curious as to whether it would ever be possible to gain access (just viewing not editing of course) to some sort of database of stats of items which will both A) help keep the wiki current because any changes made to items would be automatically added ans B) greatly help with the speed at which the wiki can be completed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I bid you all a good morning/afternoon/evening.


  • Would the Wiki include title and surname information for each item as well? This could be quite time consuming. As far as I'm aware you can't get a standard version of an item anymore. It's always got either a titled, surname or both.
  • Yeah it is going to take a while. I've been compiling the values of the level 50 surnames first then I'll try to work on the pre 50 stuff. Hopefully if it gets going Shivers will see that it would be useful and maybe help out with the stats that are more difficult to acquire. As for standard items, they do indeed still me, things seem to ONLY wanna drop standard items for me
  • Many players (including myself) have stored up info over the years to help out friends and ourselves. Things like the stats that each surname and title gives. I have google docs I've worked on with a few people so I can probably put out that info and maybe some other stuff. Pretty sure I have all of them up to abandoned passage. We ran those maps daily so I'd be surprised if we don't have them all somewhere.
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    Couldn't find any updated version of titles and surnames.

    That's the one I had, I think most of those are already known. Haven't checked out the wiki to see what all is there but feel free to do whatever you want with that.
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