Any news on the windows 8 fix?

Recently got a new craptop but its in windows 8 and no matter what I do im slower then my dead great grandma ( she had no legs) but anywho just wanted to see if there has been or will be any improvement in the near future.


  • Yes, we're working on it. We just hired a new programmer who is working on some things.
  • Install windows 7!
  • Wait for Windows 10 because 9 they are apparently just skipping right over!

    The new client though will make it irrelevant either way though, and it should work on other platforms woo hoo!
  • still nothing?
  • We are hoping the fix will be done in the new year sometime, we can't say when. Windows 10 was not a fix, and it will cost more to fix which should be easier for us by spring.
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