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Might be a silly question but can Aspereta ever come back? I honestly loved the pixel art and the map designs and the item designs. I dont understand why none of these made a return on illutia and somehow the pixel art in illutia became worse.

Also, any chance it might be allowed to open a private server for aspereta? I think I seen that a long time ago but just when I was about to login and play it was shut down, lol.


  • Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Noooooooooooooo.
    Slightly more detailed answer: No. Aspereta can't come back. And not just because the Aspereta you remember isn't the Aspereta that existed (nostalgia coloured glasses), but due to practical and I believe legal reasons as well.
  • mmm I like old illutia like when knaves could be invisible and cs and not go uninvis and leech people in pp
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